"Young, good looking, talented and driven. It’s a combination that can’t be beat and Yannik Collin fits all categories. 
At the ripe old age of 18, Yannik decided to jump from his small Quebec town of Sept-îles, about 550 miles north of Montreal and plant roots in a town never thought of as small..Los Angeles, Ca. “It was very challenging because leaving all your friends and family and moving to a different country that young can easily be demotivating for someone.”

Yannik’s love for cinema has always been present in his life. Even at a very young age he loved movies and analyzed every little detail in the scene and what the actors were doing. He watched “Avatar” so many times he could say the actors’ lines with them.  “Watching other actors perform was and still is a big source of inspiration for me. I think it’s important to watch the greats do what they do so that you can have examples to follow”. He grew up not really knowing what the future would look like. College seems the next step but he didn’t really have a goal. And then it hit him. “I realized I could be an actor”. He dropped out of school at age 17 and worked for a whole year serving coffee at a local Tim Horton’s (Canada’s Starbucks) in his hometown to gain enough money to survive in L.A. The real story was about to begin. 

Before moving to the big city, he studied on his own using the Internet as a source of knowledge. He and some friends even created a couple of short films, just to understand what he was getting into. Upon moving to L.A. he studied at the Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory where he met some great friends and started learning the fundamentals of his craft. 

Los Angeles and other cinematic centers are full of aspiring actors who, before anything else, want to get an agent. Yannik was still studying when he not only got a theatrical agent (Spectrum Talent); he signed with Impression Entertainment Group for commercials. On top of that, he met broadcaster/singer/songwriter/producer Ilona Europa. She in turn introduced him to talent consultant Mike Gormley president of Los Angeles Personal Development who took on Yannik immediately. He, along with Ilona is guiding Yannik through maze of the Entertainment industry

Yannik has already made his mark in broadcasting as a host on "Accent On Yannik", a recurring segment of the popular weekly radio show "Accent On!” airing on the prestigious LA Talk Radio station. He has been chosen as the spokesperson for a new cologne that is about to be introduced and has had some amazing experiences with some great names in the industry.  “When I was working on multiple sets, I had the chance to meet and talk to some great artists such as Emma Stone, Gary Sinise, Steve Carell and some others but especially the musician “Machine Gun Kelly” who is someone I look up to and who I’ve been following for so many years. That was a special moment for me and I’m very appreciative of that.”

 Yes, he is young, good looking and talented. But most of all, he is driven. His eventual success is assured because he knows where he wants to be and he is ready to study, learn the craft and do the work to get there."

-Mike Gormley (Los Angeles Personal Development)